Cyprus Permanent Residence – Accelerated


From the date of submission of the application:

  1. Acquiring a house in Cyprus of Minimum Value of 300.000 plus VAT; proof of payment for at least 200.000 transferred from abroad irrespective of delivery date, of the property.
  2. Having an annual income originated from abroad of 30.000 per applicant increased by 5.000 for each dependent person & by 8.000 per dependent parent. No criminal record; no work or employment allowed in Cyprus.
  3. The applicant must submit a statement from a financial institution in Cyprus that he/she has deposited into an account an amount of at least 30.000 originated from abroad, which shall be pledged for a period of three years at least.
  4. It is noted that the purchase of a dwelling may be accepted even when made in the name of a Company and not in the name of the applicant; provided that the Company is registered in the name of the applicant and/or spouse and he/they are the sole shareholder(s). In the event that the shareholder of the company is another legal entity, it must be proven that the sole shareholder of the said legal entity is the applicant and/or the applicant and his spouse.


For the purpose of implementing this policy, the applicant may purchase up to two housing units (apartments or houses), which can be independent, but be purchased from the same development company, or one housing unit and a shop of a surface of up to 100 sq.m., or a housing unit and an office of a surface of up to 250 sq.m., provided that the total market value amounts to 300.000+vat. As from 7/05/2013, for the purpose of this policy, applications in relation to the re-sale of dwellings will not be accepted. It should be stressed that sale contracts in relation to a re-sale of dwellings that have been officially filed at the Lands and Surveys Department prior to 07/05/2013, shall be accepted for the purpose of implementing this policy.


  • Signed Purchase Agreement or Title Deed.
  • Affidavit regarding the income of the applicant.
  • Confirmation that the applicant does not intent to work or to be engaged in any form of business in Cyprus.
  • Apostil clean criminal record from country of origin.
  • Apostil birth certificate.
  • Medical insurance certificate that covers in-patient and outpatient treatment.
  • Curriculum vitae and copy of passport.
  • Documents regarding dependents (if applicable) i.e. apostil marriage certificate, apostil birth certificate for children, apostil clean criminal record for spouse and children over the age of 18, medical insurance, copy of passport.
  • All the necessary documentation, that is attached to the application for an immigration permit, including the translation of the same into the Greek or English language, must be duly certified.
  • Applicants should visit Cyprus at least once every two years.
  • To apply for Cyprus Citizenship, a third country national should have held Permanent Resident status and resided in Cyprus for at least 7 years.



  • Category F 6 (2) Immigration Permit, gives to a Non-EU national, the right to permanently reside in Cyprus.
  • Travel without formalities or restrictions to EU Countries.
  • Your family can also obtain it (married spouse, children under 18 years old and financially dependent children up to 25 years old).
  • The Permit is granted for an indefinite duration, provided that the investment is maintained as Criteria 1.

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