Residency for EU Citizens

Unlock Your Path to Cyprus Residency for EU Citizens

Discover the streamlined process for EU and EEA Citizens to secure residency in Cyprus, whether for work, study, or retirement.

Experience the Advantages of Cyprus Residency for EU Citizens and Their Families:

  • Access to employment opportunities across Cyprus.
  • Pursuit of higher education within Cyprus’s renowned institutions.
  • Enjoyment of retirement in the idyllic landscapes of Cyprus.

Understanding Tax Residency in Cyprus Achieve tax residency status in Cyprus by residing for a minimum of 183 days annually. Explore the 60-day Rule option under specific conditions for potential eligibility.

Streamline Your Cyprus Residency Application Process:

  • Experience swift approval within just one month of application submission.
  • Maintain your temporary residency status through annual renewal procedures.
  • Receive expert guidance on navigating Cyprus’s tax residency regulations effectively.

Tax Residency

One is considered as tax resident in Cyprus if he/she resides for at least 183 days per year. The 60-day Rule can apply if conditions are met.

Ensure a Smooth Residency Application Process in Cyprus with F.C.I. LTD

  1. Receive personalized guidance tailored to your unique residency needs.
  2. Obtain support for document preparation and submission processes.
  3. Enjoy flexibility with no mandatory residency requirement during application processing.
  4. Easily collect your Employment and Residency card upon approval.
  5. Benefit from comprehensive relocation assistance throughout your transition to Cyprus.

Discover Additional Service for a Smooth Transition to Cyprus:

  • Access residential and commercial property search services.
  • Receive assistance with company formation and establishment procedures.
  • Get support for opening a bank account in Cyprus.
  • Assistance with document preparation and submission for acquisition of residency

Embark on Your Residency Journey in Cyprus with Confidence Take the initial steps toward a hassle-free residency process with F.C.I. LTD.

Streamline Your Cyprus Residency Permit and Tax Identification Number (TIC) Acquisition

Are you in search of obtaining a residence permit and tax identification number (TIC) in Cyprus?

Here’s a simplified guide to help you through the process:

 1. Employment Opportunities in Cyprus: Necessary Documentation

2. Securing Permanent Residence in Cyprus (rented or owned accommodation)

3. Providing a Copy of Passport/ID

4. Presenting an Employment Contract

5. Obtaining a Social Insurance Number in Cyprus

Navigating Tax Residency in Cyprus

Establish your tax residency in Cyprus by fulfilling the requirement of residing for a minimum of 183 days per year. Explore exceptions under specific conditions through the 60-day Rule.

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