Why Cyprus

Cyprus an International Business Centre and at the same time an enjoyable island to live.

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus, a Member State of the European Union (EU), is a winning combination for Investors to register a Cyprus company and/or operate an international head quarter (HQ ) in the island, as many multinational companies have already done.

Setting up a Cyprus company can be ideal because of the island’s strategic geographic location, being in the Eastern Mediterranean at the crossroads of three continents. Moreover, Cyprus has good relations in the region giving the Cyprus Company an access to both the EU single market and at the same time the markets of Middle East (M.E), Asia and Africa.

A Cyprus company will be benefited by/from the transparent legal and tax system, the extended network of EU trade agreements and Double Tax Treaty Agreements ( DTTA ), the free movement of goods as EU state, backed up by excellent quality life and high-quality professional services.

Cyprus offers to investors great investment opportunities in emerging markets like real estate, technology, investment funds, shipping as well as oil and gas.

Cyprus is most appealing for setting up an international head quarter (HQ) due to all the above plus to the efficient and transparent legal and tax system based on common law, the modern banking sector and the beneficial tax regime to investors, companies, and expatriates in Cyprus.

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Evaluation of Issues in the decision of Relocation of head quarter or part of the company or group functions


  • European Union (EU).
  • Euro Zone.
  • United Nations.
  • Council of Europe.
  • Commonwealth.
  • World Bank.
  • International Monetary Fund.
  • European Commission.
  • Committee on Security and Cooperation in Europe.
  • World Trade Organization.


  • Low Corporate tax (flat rate of 12.5%).
  • Business hub offering access to all markets.
  • Business language is English.
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
  • Efficient & professional banking services.
  • Business opportunities (trade, shipping, energy, real estate, tourism).
  • Cyprus – EU: Main energy hub.
  • English Legal System; Common Law.


Tax & Legal Framework

Cyprus’ competitive advantages are significantly enriched by a robust and transparent legal and regulatory framework, and an attractive tax regime which offers a wide range of incentives to corporate entities and high income individuals.

Tax Incentives for Expatriate and High Net Worth Individuals relocating to Cyprus.

Learn more about Attractive Tax Regime



  • Safe country.
  • Excellent Lifestyle.
  • High educational standards and many international schools.
  • Life expectancy: 81.65.
  • First Class health care. Public Health Care System to all residents.
  • Genuine hospitality.
  • Mediterranean cuisine.



  • Beautiful coastlines.
  • Crystal clear waters – the largest number of blue flag beaches per coastline in the World.
  • Cleanest sandy beaches in Europe.
  • Island in the sun: Amazing weather with 340 days of sunshine.
  • Cyprus is classified as the sunniest European location.

Views of Cyprus


  • Strategic location- at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia.
  • 3rd Largest Island in the Mediterranean.
  • Convenient airline connections and excellent telecom.
  • Reputable International. Shipping Center.

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