Belize Company Formation

BELIZEBelize is a well-known and advantageous tax jurisdiction on the eastern coast of Central America and on the borders of Mexico and Guatemala.

The registration and supervision of Belize offshore companies is handled by the Registrar of International Business Companies. The legal system of Belize is English Common Law.

Company Activities:

Setting up an offshore company in Belize does not allow one to own real estate or to trade in Belize, and may not undertake the business of banking, insurance, assurance, or reinsurance. The Belize company is not allowed to provide company management or registered office facilities for companies registered in Belize.

The main benefits of setting up a company in Belize are listed below:

  • Belize International Business Company (IBC) is exempted from all kinds of taxation as long as it is tax resident in the jurisdiction outside Belize.
  • Low incorporation cost compared to other jurisdictions.
  • Suitable vehicle for multiple purposes: entrepreneurs, traders, e-commerce, SAAS, consultants, etc.
  • No requirement for filing annual accounts or tax returns. However, the company is obliged to maintain proper books of accounts.
  • No public records of company directors, shareholders, or beneficial owners.
  • Absence of exchange control for Belize IBC conducting business out of the country.
  • Certain Belize IBCs are now subject to Belize Economic Substance rules, introduced on 11 October 2019.
  • Redomiciliation is possible. The legislation in Belize allows both a company registered in Belize to continue in another jurisdiction and also a company registered elsewhere to relocate to Belize, provided this is allowed by its governing legislation.

The Main Requirements for Belize Company Formation are:

  • Required local registered address
  • Required local registered agent
  • No minimum paid-up capital
  • Bearer shares not permitted
  • At least one Director resident in any country.
  • At least one Member/ shareholder resident in any country. The director and Member are permitted to be the same person.

Belize offshore Company Formation time-frame:

A Belize offshore company is normally incorporated within 4-5 days.

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