Explore Immigration Opportunities in Cyprus

Discover Cyprus, a vibrant EU member state offering a unique blend of cosmopolitan living and natural beauty. Enjoy its picturesque climate, stunning beaches, and snow-capped mountains, along with a safe society and a healthy lifestyle.

Unlock Your Future in Cyprus

With its business-friendly environment and excellent tax regime, Cyprus presents lucrative investment opportunities in real estate. Experience the benefits of hosting European operations for multinational companies in Cyprus, an emerging global technology hub with attractive incentives for tech companies.

Expand Your Horizons with Cyprus Residency

Take advantage of Cyprus Residency for EU Citizens, your gateway to freedom of movement within the EU. Learn how EU and EEA citizens can easily obtain residency in Cyprus for work, study, or retirement. Explore the various visa options available and the conditions for obtaining them.

Trust F.C.I. Ltd. for Comprehensive Immigration Services

At Financial Consultants International (F.C.I.) Ltd., we offer tailored immigration services to both individuals and corporate clients. Our experienced team provides expert advice on tax matters, business setup, and personal and business relocation. Benefit from our comprehensive support for all your immigration needs, including:

  • Citizenship Employment Permits

  • Permanent Residence Permits (fast-track or regular procedure)

  • Immigration Permits

  • Visas

  • New Cyprus Residency Permit (Blue Card) for Highly Skilled Workers

  • Digital Nomads Visa in Cyprus

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