Cyprus Residency

Unlock Cyprus Residency for Non-EU Nationals: Blue Visa, Employment, and Investment Options

Explore the pathways to Cyprus residency for non-EU nationals through high-skilled individuals (Blue Visa), employment opportunities, and investment programs.

Citizenship by Investment: Your Gateway to Global Mobility

Gain alternative citizenship through investment programs, granting you the freedom to travel and settle in different countries with ease.

Non-EU Immigration to Cyprus: Visa Requirements

Non-EU individuals seeking to reside in Cyprus for more than three months must apply for a visa to comply with regulations.

Establishing Tax Residency in Cyprus

Determine your tax residency status in Cyprus by residing for a minimum of 183 days per year. Discover exceptions under The 90-day Rule based on specific conditions.

Discover Accelerated Permanent Residence Programs in Cyprus

Learn about accelerated pathways to permanent residency in Cyprus based on the new rules. 

Experience Seamless Residency Acquisition with F.C.I. LTD

Partner with F.C.I. LTD for personalized guidance on acquiring residency, encompassing legal and tax advisory services tailored to your needs.

Our Services Include:

    1. Customized advice on the residency acquisition process
    2. Document guidance and preparation support
    3. Application submission assistance with no requirement to stay in Cyprus during processing
    4. Notification upon approval to plan your visit to Cyprus
    5. Assistance with documentation collection and relocation matters during your visit to Cyprus

 “Discover our supplementary services: residential and business property location assistance, investments in real estate, company incorporation, and bank account opening solutions.”

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