Nominee Facilities

As from 2013, the services below can be provided only by approved and licensed service provider. F.C.I. LIMITED is accredited and regulated as an Administrative Services Provider by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission with license number 160/196.

Registered Office

F.C.I. LTD may provide your company address, based in Cyprus, if you do not maintain a registered fledged office. The Register Office holds the Company register, meeting minutes, company seal and certificates of incorporation which are open for inspection from the Registrar of Companies. We can ensure complete confidentiality regarding ownership, through the establishment of trust fiduciary agreements, nominees or other companies.

Nominee Secretary

The Company Secretary should be a Cyprus resident individual or corporation. F.C.I. LTD may provide a Company Secretary. The main responsibility of the secretary is to maintain the company’s statutory registers and records and prepare and submit the Annual Return in accordance with the laws of Cyprus.

Nominee Directors

The company to be considered as a tax resident, the majority of Directors must be Cypriot residents. This can be accomplished by using our nominee Directors facilities. Service Agreements are signed between appointed Director (s) and beneficial owners, to that they will solely act on instructions.


Nominee Shareholders

There is no restriction whatsoever on nationality of Shareholder. Beneficial owners choose to use our nominee Shareholder (s) facilities for anonymity from public records.   The signed Trust Deeds secure your ownership / assets. We do not disclose our clients’ personal information without consent, unless required by the Court of Law or as part of a criminal investigation.